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Mykonos Baby!

The party island has become very stylish but look for those places off the beaten track to experience the island as it used to be.

We go back to Mykonos every year. We just love this island! 
Many people think Mykonos is just a party island for teenagers but it is really not (just) that. July and August are particularly busy and you have to have a plan and everything reserved in advance from sun-loungers to restaurants. It can be a bit annoying but not having them will surely make your time here very stressful!

This year we stayed at Lyo Boutique Hotel, an oasis of peace and tranquility just above Super Paradise beachl. The decor is exactly what you want in this white Cycladic Island: white and simple lines and a few splash of neural tones. The pool has salt water. What a treat! The gym has also amazing views of the bay

Lyo boutique hotel Mykonos Greece

Super Paradise beah is about ten minute drive from the airport and it is probably the most beautiful beach in Mykonos. From the hotel, you can walk to Jackie O’ beach club. Named after Jackie Onassis, they opened their first venue in town as one of the best gay bars. Jackie O’ on the beach remains a club where the fittest men in the world dance by the pool all day long but it is very much liked by groups of friends, couples and families given the outstanding restaurant and the fun scene. Don’t miss the ‪5pm‬ drag queen show!

This year we tried for the first time a couple of few classics: Kiki and and Spilia.
Kiki has been in Mykonos forever. It is a small taverna with 10 tables on a terrace overlooking Agios Sostis. The view is worth the wait. The little bay underneath the restaurant can be very handy while you wait for up to one hour for your table, no reservations allowed. 


The best surprise was Spelia Seaside. Built on three levels directly into the rocks, this restaurant is located in the cave of Agia Anna. A bit of a drive from town (around 20 minutes), the road leading to Spelia is actually a lot fun to experience with a small car or a scooter. The restaurant has been there for 30 years but has become popular with the crowds in the last three years, after a makeover. You have to walk a small wooden pathway hanging over the sea to get to the restaurant. That per se was already quite special for me! Their forte are the views of the beach and bay. People from the yachts moored in the bay arrive by the dingy service offered by the restaurant, fancy! After lunch, people jump straight into the water and swim back. Great for a group, if you are a couple or a small party, I recommend you sit at the bar, so you can enjoy the views better. The music gets quite upbeat in the afternoon. Book a table on the second or third level for a toned down version of the party. At night, the music goes and the place becomes ideal for a romantic dinner.
Food wise their speciality is sea urchins! Get a platter of raw ones or, like me, try the linguine dish.


The Myconian style always surprises me: people do make an effort. Both on the beach and at night, you need to have at least three outfits planned for each day. One for the morning for breakfast and pool lounging, one for the afternoon lunch and sunset watching, and one for the evening dinner and party. This year we saw a lot of long skirts and cropped tops, straw basket bags and large rim boater hats.  

spelia restaurant beach Agia Anna Mykonos greece


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