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Beach Riot

The Beach Riot babe is a rebel and modern feminist. A boss by day and a party rioter by night. Her style is modern and unapologetically bold, yet always effortlessly chic. She is the perfect mix of California cool and modern magnetism. Whether rocking a one piece as a bodysuit with cut-off jeans or a bikini top with a high waisted skirt she’s never afraid to be bold and creative with her style. She’s spontaneous and always ready to jetset around the globe with her passport and favorite Beach Riot bikinis in tow.

Newport Beacher, Nicole Hanriot, grew up in the action sports world, before straight out of school, getting into design. Making quite the name for herself, it soon came time for this determined designer to branch out. Though she comes across as soft-spoken and shy, she’s far from timid when it comes to hopping on the fast track to making her dreams a reality. You go girl!

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