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Natalia Bucci, an Italian based in London, is the founder of BUCCI HOLIDAYWEAR

The idea of opening this boutique came whilst I was in Mykonos, waiting for a late ferry, on the last day of my holiday. The thought of going back to grey sky and everyday busy life was dreadful. I thought how nice would it be if I could take some of this back with me.

I have always paid attention to wearing the right outfit for every occasion, but I did not grow up worrying about what to wear on holiday. In fact we used to wear whatever we found first in our wardrobe! But over the years I started to realise that preparing and wearing your holiday wardrobe is part of the fun of going on holiday. In the heart of winter I did not know where to buy summer clothes in London, and so I always felt out of place on holiday as I had nothing 'relaxed' to wear.

So I decided to open this boutique where my friends (and hopefully you) can shop before leaving for the next destination, whether it be a city break to Andalusia, a Greek island hopping tour, a finca stay in Ibiza, a yacht trip in the Caribbean, or wherever else your fantasy takes you. And hopefully you can also wear what you find on here on sunny days in town, anywhere you live!

I have made the effort to select brands who pay attention to where and how their products are produced. We support #whomademyclothes campaign.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the visit!

Read below about where the design of our logo comes from.

Our logo was inspired by an Apulian pumo. Pumi were used in the past as ornaments placed in the corners of balconies, on eaves and on staircases’ handrails, in both royal palazzos and common residences. Depending on the size and the colours, the pumo assumed in time a value among the aristocratic Apulian families, comparable to the heraldic coat-of-arms.

In Puglia, the land I come from, the pumo is still a popular object, which is given as auspicious gift to newlyweds, to people moving to a new home, or starting a new venture.

Its name, from the local dialect “Pumo de’ fiure”, means flower bud and it derives from the Latin “pomum” from Pomona, the Roman Goddess of fruitful abundance. The bud is round, with a slightly pointed end, and it rests on acanthus leaves, symbols of immortality.

Letizia Fraschini, a wonderful person, who happens to be my neighbour and a master graphic designer, designed our logo using a pumo as inspiration. The town of Grottaglie, in Puglia (Italy), is the best place to find artisans who can customise one for you.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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