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Friulane Slippers with Rubber Sole - Bordeaux

Friulane Slippers with Rubber Sole - Bordeaux

Designer: Bucci Holidaywear


Also called Furlane and Scarpets, these shoes are typical of the Northern Italian region  Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, used for folk costumes for centuries. They have an ancient history, going back to 1800, used as Sunday shoes made with recycled materials. They were also used by the gondoliers in Venice and the rubber sole was initially intended for withstanding slippery boat decks. Other stories say they were wore by the aristocrats of Venice, to sneak out of their apartment unnoticed, in order to meet their lovers in the middle of the night. 

Today, they are the trendiest shoes, filling the streets of Capri, Mykonos, and Panarea.

Made of Italian velvet and rubber sole of the same material of bicycle tires, our Friulane are made in Friuli by artisans  and the colours are exclusive to our boutique.  Get one pair or two!

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